07-10/2011 Nikko, Kyoto and Osaka (Japan)

06/2011 Singapore

03/2011 During the earthquake

12/2010 Hawaii, USA

05/2010 Poeny Park & Ashik AGA Flower Park, Tsukuba, Japan

04/2010 Cherry blossom view, Tsukuba, Japan

10/2009 Tokyo bus tour, Japan

10/2009 Fireworks in Tsuchiura-shi, Japan

09/2009 Munich (Germany) & Salzberg (Austria)

05/2009 Summer School in Binz, Germany

04/2009 Barcelona

08/2008 West Europa

05/2008 Berlin ( more...)

04/ 2008 Friendship Island, Potsdam ( more...)

04/2008 Schloss Sanssouci, Potsdam ( more... )

03/2008 Easter, a tour to Prague, Czech ( more... )

08/2007 Changbai mountain( more... )

06/2007 Cha-Gan Lake in Jinlin, China ( more...)

05/2007 A picnic in South Lake in Changchun, China

12/2006 Preperation of Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumpling Boiled Chinese dumpling

07/2006 Longwan, Jilin, China

07/2006 Our marriage dinner (fron left ro right: my wife, me, and open an external link Niu)A dinner for our marriage (fron left ro right: my wife, me, and Niu)

05/09/2006 I am married

wedding.jpg wedding2.jpg wedding3.jpg wedding4.jpg wedding5.jpg

10/24/2005 On the Great Wall
My wife and I on the Great Wall

10/2005 A visit in Puyi's Palace, Changchun, China

leo on a door Lights in the hall Chinese light

02/2005 Fireworks at Lantern Festerval, Changchun, China

08/2004 visit to the Church of St Sofia in Haerbing, China